Terms and conditions

The rental price includes:

  • compulsory and comprehensive plus collision insurance with a 1-percent deductible covered by the renter in the event of an accident and the renter’s fault  
  • up to 350 kilometres on the day of rental – any excess is charged after the return of the vehicle in the amount of 0.3€/km
  • equipment of the vehicle (detailed description provided separately for each motorhome)

30% advance for the reservation of the vehicle as soon as possible

The remaining sum before the rental

Compulsory deposit of 1000 €/vehicle before the collection of the vehicle!!! The deposit is returned at the end of the rental period if the vehicle is returned on time and in the same condition.

Payments should be made to TRR AC Glavan d.o.o., Abanka Vipa d.d. Celje, no. SI56 0510 0801 2152 055.

Upon collecting the vehicle, the renter must make a deposit of EUR 1,000 per vehicle as a guarantee that they will return the vehicle in the same condition and on time.


1.  The motorhome is rented out fully ready, in perfect technical order. It has to be returned in the same condition as listed. The condition of the vehicle is written down in the record made upon the collection and return, which is an integral part of the agreement. In the event of damage, defects, etc., the lessor may charge additional costs incurred by the repair and additional work, if these are not insurance costs. The renter covers the costs of the fuel and any road tolls paid on the trip.

The renter covers the costs of any traffic or other offences committed by the renter during the rental period (e.g. incorrect parking, speeding, etc.)

The renter is liable for any damage to the vehicle and equipment or any accident or injury caused by the renter during the rental period, and pays compensation if the insurance company refuses the payment for justified reasons (e.g. drunkenness, negligence, etc.).

2. Both parties also have to adhere to the agreed rental period. The motorhome may be collected between 2 p. m. and 5 p. m. The motorhome must be returned between 8 a.m. and 10 a. m.!

With prior arrangement the vehicle may be collected and returned at different times. Otherwise, the lessor may charge a penalty of 30 euros per hour of delay.

3. It is prohibited to drive animals and smoke in the motorhome. It may only be driven by the person listed in this agreement or determined by mutual agreement.

4. In case of traffic accidents, damage or breakdown on the trip, the renter must inform the lessor and they should solve the problem together. The renter may not repair things and appliances in the motorhome by themselves.  

5. Cancellation is not possible after the signature of the agreement.

6. By signing this agreement, the renter also agrees with the general terms and conditions of renting a motorhome, which are attached.