Renting a motorhome or camper van in Celje. We offer high-quality motorhomes with all the equipment you need on your vacation.

Here you can find well-known brands of rental motorhomes such as Hymer, Burstner and Carado.
We guarantee that you will find a motorhome to your liking with us, as we offer large semi-integrated or integrated, vans and transporters.
For fans of smaller motorhomes, we also rent out our Glavan Free transporters, which are converted into a motorhome right here with us.

You can book the rental directly online or contact us, where we will be happy to help you.

Najem avtodoma Hymer

Hymer EX-I 474

from 160,00 € / day 4 persons model year 2024Fiat , automatic transmission , 160 KM


Hymer TMB 680

from 160,00 € / day 4 persons model year 2022MB, automatic transmission 143 KM


from 140,00 € / day 5 persons model year 2022, FIAT, automatic transmission , 140 KM

Najem avtodoma Burstner

Buerstner Lineo C590

from 120,00 € / day 4 persons model year 2023, Ford 2,0 170KM



from 120 € / day 4 persons model year 2024

Najem kombija Glavan Free Plus

Glavan Free + Blue

from 100,00 € / day 4 persons model year 2023, VW, 150 KM

Najem kombija Glavan Free Plus

Glavan Free + yellow

from 100,00 € / day 4 persons model year 2022, VW, 150 KM

najem kombija Glavan Free Plus

Glavan Free + grey

from 100,00 € / day 4 persons model year 2023, VW, 150 KM


Glavan Free + Red

from 110,00 € / day 4 persons model year 2024, VW, 150 KM, automatic transmission

Convenience, comfort and freedom should be your guide on the way to new adventures. And it is precisely the freedom that travelers want when they rent a camper van. The latter allows you to test how you like the travel lifestyle and learn about unique ways to vacation in a cost-effective way.

There are many advantages to motorhomes, but one of the most important is that you will never have to change your travel plans again. You will also be able to choose a vehicle to your liking. Do you like to cook on the go? Choose one with a better equipped kitchen. Do you have a large family? Rent a vehicle with a floor plan that will comfortably sleep 5 people. What about the prices? Daily rental prices are extremely favorable and easily comparable to renting an apartment.

About renting a motorhome

Motorhomes from our range of motorhomes for rent include everything you can find in an average apartment. Internet is no longer an issue, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, air conditioning – all this includes the life of a modern nomad traveling with a motor home. Nordkapp is suddenly closer than you think!

Traveling with a motorhome is an experience. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what your travel habits are, it doesn’t matter whether you rent or buy a motorhome:
you should treat yourself to such an adventure at least once in your life, or as we like to say: with a motorhome you will be at home everywhere.


You'll never have to sleep in a hotel again

Have you ever had to change your travel plans because you didn't get a free room on a certain date? If you travel with a motorhome, you will not have these problems, and when you want to spend a few more nights in one place, you will no longer have to worry about where to get a free room. Luxury par excellence! However, before each trip, find out what the policy is for traveling with an RV in a foreign country. In principle, you must not sleep in the parking lot, but you must reserve a place in a camp or another similar place that allows overnight stays in a motor home.

Traveling by motorhome is a way of life

If you have traveled a lot up until now, you will travel even more from now on. In Slovenia, there are also several motorhome owners' associations that, in addition to regular annual meetings, also organize joint trips. Traveling by motorhome is great, traveling in a group of motorhomes is a priceless experience. You will get to know the countries you will be traveling to in a completely different way than if you were traveling by car, plane or travel agency.